Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Dog Owners

By  Damian Kelly  |  31 March 2021
Artificial grass for dogs

Trying to keep your garden looking healthy when you have a dog can be a challenge. They love to dig and claw at the grass, and their toilet behaviour leaves unwanted smells and stains.

That’s why more and more people with dogs are investing in artificial grass for their gardens. It’s an easy and stress-free way to take care of your furry friend, and give them a comfortable place to play and rest.

Not convinced artificial grass is worth it? Here are some reasons it’s a great option for pets.

It’s easy to clean

There are few things worse than walking into your garden and being hit in the face with the smell of your dog’s business. Unfortunately, real grass can absorb these smells and make them linger long after the offending substance has been cleaned up.

But artificial grass doesn’t hold onto these smells. The drainage holes in the grass let your dog’s urine empty out, and everything else can be easily picked up and any stains simply wiped away. A quick spray with your garden hose and everything is good as new.

There’s less cleaning involved inside the house as well, as synthetic grass doesn’t get muddy like the real stuff. So there’s no more mucky paw prints to clean up off the floor whenever your dog has been outside. This means you have more time to enjoy playing with your dog rather than cleaning up after it.

It’s long-lasting and durable

Synthetic grass is ideal for places that get a lot of traffic from your dog, like dog runs, or even inside the kennel. Unlike the real stuff, fake grass doesn’t wear away with use, so even if your dog has a favourite patch of grass to run around or sleep on, you don’t need to worry about it getting thinner. You may need to brush it every now and again to keep it plump, but other than that your grass should stay as luscious as the day you bought it. You don’t need to be concerned if your dog is prone to digging up your grass, either. 

It’s good for your dog’s health

Having artificial grass in your garden can affect your dog’s health in a number of ways:

1. Less stress
Dogs can get stressed out easily, and if they’re worried about where they’re allowed to go to the toilet or when they’re allowed to go outside to play it’s going to be worse.

But if you’re not worried about the grass getting ruined, then they’re not going to be worried about you getting mad at them, meaning they’re not going to get stressed about being out in the garden.

2. More exercise
Artificial grass doesn’t get affected by the elements as much as real grass, either. It doesn’t dry out in the sun nor get wet and muddy in the rain. This gives your dog a lot more freedom to be outside when they want, no matter the weather. So they get the exercise they need to be healthy and happy.

3. No gardening chemicals
When you have synthetic grass you don’t need to maintain it as much as the real stuff. This means no pesticides, fertilisers, seeds, or growing chemicals which could potentially be harmful to your dog if he ingested them.

Artificial grass isn’t just for homes

Commercial areas like dog day care centres or kennels can benefit from using artificial turf as well.

You can give all your dogs a safe and fun area to play together. You’ll save money on grass maintenance because you won’t need to water, feed or mow your outdoor space. You’ll have happy customers when they come to pick up their dogs as there will be no muddy paws or filthy fur for them to clean. Artificial grass is an excellent way to get a keep your garden luscious and green even when you have a dog. It’s incredibly realistic both in look and feel and will give your four-legged friend a soft playground all year round. You can order a free sample of grass from our website to find the perfect grass for you and your dog.