Safety Shock Pads for Artificial Grass

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Shock pads add safety from falls, increase the playability of your pitch and ensure that your artificial grass playing surface lasts longer. A shock pad layer will provide natural cushioning and help to increase the lifespan of your artificial grass if it is used as a playing surface by protecting the backing from abrasion and compaction.


In addition, if your artificial grass is being used as a playing surface, a shock absorbing layer will provide a predictable bounce of the ball, and a safer, more cushioned playing surface.


Our shock pads contain a weed membrane layer as standard which is thermally bonded and sandwiched between two layers of shock pad.


For exceptional protection and up to 2.0m Critical Fall Height* (CFH), our Shock Pad delivers a quick and simple solution to meeting the highest standards of play safety. For an idea of the Critical Fall Height protections that can be achieved using our shock pad please see the table below:



Shockpad Thickness

Critical Fall Height








We recommend using prefabricated shock pads over those which are poured on site for a number of reasons.


  • The guarantee that the quality will always be the highest coming from the manufacturers’ factory.

  • Prefabricated shock pads can be laid in all weather, even rain, without the integrity of the shock pad being affected.



  • High Compressive Strength

  • High chemical & biological resistance

  • Easy to handle and install

  • Free draining with closed cell construction

  • Insulating

  • 100% environmentally friendly

  • 100 % recyclable at the end of the products lifespan (Estimated at 50 – 75 years)

  • Composed of recycled materials


Shock pads provide a comfortable and natural cushioning to a synthetic surface. It absorbs the impact of ground contact and will increase the life expectancy of your artificial grass.  This is such a fantastic product and is paramount in areas where children are at play. This product has a ten year guarantee and fall height is unaffected by weather conditions.

Uses: Many schools, playgrounds and parks require safety features for the grounds, so that children can play safely and avoid head or other injuries etc.