Artificial Grass Buying Guide

By  Bill Gibson  |  17 February 2022
Artificial Grass

Purchasing artificial grass can be very daunting and difficult. Choosing different pile heights, densities, and colours, can become overwhelming. However, we are here to help! With over 10 years' experience; we know what we’re talking about.

This ultimate grass buying guide will thoroughly explain all aspects of choosing the best artificial grass for you. From budget and planning to installation, this guide will cover everything you need to know about artificial grass. We will show you why artificial grass is a great option for everyone. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

If you are on the fence about choosing to move towards artificial grass, we are here to help you inform your decision. Artificial grass is a great option for busy people as it is a low maintenance option. The days of toiling over a lawnmower will be gone as there will be no need to cut the grass. Ditch your lawnmower and enjoy a beautiful, weed free, evergreen lawn all year round. Aswell as this, you will have less cleaning to do indoors as there will be no more mucky feet inside the house. This is especially great if you have kids or pets who are always leaving a mucky trail indoors.

Artificial grass always looks fresh and luscious. It is easy to maintain and refresh by simply sweeping the grass with a stiff brush against the grain or using an artificial grass rake. Synthetic grass is a great asset to any house as it is long lasting and durable. It will only add value to your property.

Dog on leash on artificial grass

What to look out for when buying Artificial Grass

Types and Warranty

We have a large range of artificial grasses and there is definitely something for everyone in our collection. The types of grass we stock range from grasses for residential use, to fire rated grasses for commercial use. We also have an environmentally friendly grass, our Enviro grass, which is made from 80% recycled materials. Our putting greens are perfect for any golfers who want to practice their swing from the comfort of their home.

All of our premium artificial grasses have a 10-year warranty. The warranty of our other grasses may vary.

Density and thickness

Density is a very important element to consider when choosing the perfect artificial grass for you. A low pile density can make artificial grass look very sparse. The greater the pile density, the fuller the grass will be. When searching for the perfect artificial grass, it is important to compare grass densities. You can find the density from the weight per m2. An example of a high-density grass is our Boyne grass which has a density of 3176 gr/m2 (grams per square metre). A dense grass is ideal for low levels of foot traffic, while less dense grasses are better for high levels of traffic. An example of one of our less dense grasses is our Navan grass which has a density of 1.250 gr/m2. The density affects the look of the grass, generally, the heavier the grass, the denser and lusher it is.

It is also important to consider the direction from which you will be viewing the grass. For a garden, you will be looking at the grass from your house or patio. When comparing your grass samples, it is important to place them correctly and view them from the right angle. The correct viewing direction is so that you’re looking into the pile. The grass should be curving towards you. To make sure you are viewing it from the right angle, take a look at the colour of the grass. If the grass is curving away from you, it has a lighter, shinier appearance. This is the wrong direction; the grass should be curving towards you and should have a lush and full appearance.

Lanscaper pressing on artificial grass

Pile Height

When it comes to pile height it is important to consider the overall look you want to achieve. The longer the pile height the more luscious the grass will look. Our grasses range from 15mm to 47mm. If you like a long, lush-looking grass we recommend going for the longer pile heights such as our Boyne (40mm) and Glendalough (47mm) grasses.

If you prefer the freshly cut look then we would recommend a pile height between 25-35mm such as our Lansdowne (35mm) and Kinsale (25mm) grasses. A shorter pile height grass is a great option for high traffic areas or if you are on a budget.

The pile height that you go for is a matter of preference and aesthetics.


Colour is a very important aspect to consider when choosing an artificial grass. You may be thinking, but all grass is green? Yes, this is true, however, to achieve a natural look the perfect grass will have yellow or brown flecks with the right shades of green. If artificial grass contains only green blades, then it won’t look natural and it will be obvious that the grass is not real.

Aswell as natural green colours, we also have lots of colourful options which can look great for commercial use such as in restaurants or schools and creches. Colours include red, blue, lime, black, and white.

Pet Friendly

All of our artificial grasses are dog, cat, and pet friendly. It is free from anything that may be harmful to our furry friends. With our artificial grass, you can be sure that it is safe for pets to run about, play, and relax on. Artificial grass is easy to clean with a hose if pets leave any mess.

Dog lying on artificial grass


Budget is a factor which requires careful consideration. We offer a range of price points with our grasses, such as budget-friendly grasses and our premium range. When browsing through artificial grasses it is helpful to note that grass is sold per metre. It is a good idea to measure out where you want your artificial grass to go so that you can keep a rough idea of the area size in mind. This will make it easier when you are figuring out how much the artificial grass will cost. You can also get a quote using the quote calculator on our website.

Our premium grasses, such as Lansdowne, Boyne, Glendalough, and Kinsale, are great if you want to spend a bit more. The premium grasses are of the highest quality with higher pile heights, densities, and a realistic appearance. These are great for gardens and residential use. All of our premium grasses have a 10-year warranty.

Our budget-friendly grasses, such as Corrib, are great for decking. These budget grasses would not have the same depth or pile height as our premium grasses. If you are on a tighter budget, then look no further than our economy range. Grasses which are less dense are great for areas with less foot traffic, such as in restaurants, offices, or at events.

It is a good idea to choose a few free samples of our grasses to get a look and feel of our artificial grass range. It can be easier to compare our premium grasses to our budget grasses when you can see them in person. You can order free samples on our website which are delivered straight to your door, free of charge.


If you are buying artificial grass, it is essential to plan in advance. This requires measuring the area you want the grass to be and considering the foot traffic of the area. Also, what are you planning on using it for? Is it for a home garden with children and pets? Is it for a restaurant or coffee shop with lots of customers? Or an office or event? Each setting will require a different type of grass. To measure the area, you will need to measure the width and the length in metres, then multiply these numbers together to get the area in metres squared.

Our artificial grass is available in 2-metre and 4-metre-wide rolls. We then cut either size to your required length. The width cannot be changed.

You must also consider the foot traffic of the area. Areas with a lot of foot traffic are better suited to less dense grasses. Places such as restaurants, offices, gyms, and events, will favour a less dense grass as a denser grass may be a trip hazard in these situations.


The installation of artificial grass may seem very daunting. If you don’t feel confident enough to install the grass yourself, get in touch with us and we can recommend one of our landscapers who have many years' experience. However, it’s not impossible to do yourself! Here is a brief explanation of how to install the grass yourself.

If you want a more in-depth tutorial read our article about installation which includes a guided video here.

Landscapers installing artificial grass

How to Install Artificial Grass on a Soft Surface

Start by measuring the area and figuring out how much grass will be needed. Next you will need to prepare the ground. Remove all surface vegetation and rocks to a depth of 4 inches below the level you want to finish your garden. After preparing this, a sub-base level of gravel is installed. A level of quarry dust is placed on top of this. A weed membrane should then be placed over the sub base and fixed securely.

The rolls of grass are laid out next. As the rolls have a directional pile, please ensure that all rolls are laid out in the same direction. The edges of the grass are folded back and the joining tape is fixed to the sub base along the centre of the seam to be joined. Apply the glue to the joining tape. Fold the edges together and press down firmly onto joining tape. Brush where the grass joins to conceal the join.

We recommend fixing the grass to the sub base using 6-inch nails driven into the sub base every 6 inches around the perimeter.

After Grass Installation

Brush the grass against the grain in order to bring up the pile. Most of our grasses do not require a sand infill. However, if infill is necessary, you can use up to 10kg of silica sand per square metre as infill.

Installation for Hard Surfaces

Remove all surface imperfections and thoroughly clean and dispose of dirt, paint, grease or any residue which will prevent good adhesion for fixing the grass to the surface.

  • For decking – Attach the grass with screws so that the decking can be checked for damage or resealed after installation.
  • For concrete – Attach the grass using glue or Hilti nails.
  • For cobble locking – We suggest just using glue along trip hazards and using sand infill to weigh down the grass to make sure the cobbles are left undamaged.


If you are installing artificial grass yourself, there are a few essentials which you will need. Some of these include joining tape, artificial grass glue, and installation pins. Even if you are not installing your own artificial grass, it is good to be aware of what is needed and what is involved.

200mm Wide Artificial Grass Joining Tape

This professional quality joining tape for artificial grass is our recommended way to join two separate rolls of artificial grass. This is used in combination with our specialised artificial glue and will help create professional quality artificial grass joins and seams which are invisible to the naked eye. This tape must be used with glue for joining, which is purchased separately. This is not an adhesive tape. The tape is placed with the shiny side towards the ground.

Collak Artificial Grass Glue - 290ml Tube

This glue is especially formulated for use with artificial grass. It has been dyed green in colour in order to blend in with the grasses, should any remain showing after your grass has been joined. Each tube of glue will cover approx. 6 linear metres of joining tape. You will need a silicone gun to use this product.

Our glue is a very high strength adhesive. It may be used on damp surfaces. It can be used on wood, concrete, stone and brickwork, metals and plastics, artificial grass, ceramics, felt, and most common roofing and building materials. This glue has excellent resistant properties too, for examples acids, alkalis, petrol, oils etc. Universally this is an excellent all-round product.

Aqua Bond Artificial Grass Glue Cartridge

This glue is especially formulated for use with artificial grass. It has also been dyed green in colour in order to blend in with the grasses. Each tube of glue will cover approx. 6 linear metres of joining tape. You will also need a silicone gun to use this product.

Our glue for joining is a single component MS hybrid polymer technology-based product. This glue is chemically neutral and free of silicones, solvents, halogens and Isocyanates. Isocyanates are the hazardous part of the two-component system and are pretty nasty chemicals. Our glue is UV- resistant and remains permanently elastic. It is fungicidal (meaning it will not grow mould), non- ageing, weather and water resistant and is also paint-compatible.

Our glue is a very high strength adhesive. The same as our Collak glue, it may be used on damp surfaces. It can be used on wood, concrete, stone and brickwork, metals and plastics, artificial grass, ceramics, felt, most common roofing and building materials. It can also be used on most natural stone. It also has excellent resistant properties to for examples acids, alkalis, petrol, oils etc.

Artificial Grass Installation Pins

These nails are ideal to secure artificial grass. These are placed every 6 inches around the perimeter of the artificial grass. For concrete, it is recommended to use Hilti nails.

Artificial Grass Adhesive Glue Bucket (4 kg)

This glue is specially formulated for use with artificial grass. This glue can be used to fix artificial grass to any solid surface which has been cleared of dust and dirt. We recommend that you spread this glue using a serrated spreader or scraper.

Whether you are building a roof garden, adding a decorative trim or simply joining two rolls of grass together – our MS-Polymer glue is the ideal choice. This glue will cover around 5 square metres when laid with full coverage on to concrete etc. It will cover around 15 square metres with a spotted application. For use with joining tape, you will be able to cover 50 - 60 linear metres per bucket with careful application.

Residential Grass

Our residential grasses are perfect for back gardens, front gardens, balconies, and in any residential area. If you are tired of brown, mucky grass, artificial grass is a great option as it always looks lush, vibrant, and freshly cut. There will be no more mucky feet indoors or weekends wasted with a lawnmower.

Commercial Grass

We have a range of grasses for commercial use such as playgrounds and gyms.

For playgrounds, creches, and schools, we have plenty of durable grasses which are safe for children. Quick drying, no mud or pebbles, and zero maintenance. Critical fall heights can be managed using our shock pad system to ensure that your play area is suitable for jungle gyms, trampolines, swings and slides. It is easy to make a fun colourful space with our coloured artificial grass available in red, green, blue, yellow, grey, white, and black.

Artificial grass is essential part of many gyms across Ireland. It can be installed in warm up or weightlifting rooms as well as being used to run prowlers and pull sledges on. Our grass gives you a softer surface underfoot which reduces impact, stress, and injury. Why not use one of our coloured grasses to match your brand – or even incorporate your logo into the grass design (lead times and minimum quantity order apply for custom designs).

Artificial grass isn't just for floors! Did you know that artificial grass can be affixed to almost any surface? Walls, ceilings, shelving, point-of-sale displays, and tabletops can all be brought to life with an artificial grass surface. We recommend a longer pile grass to give texture and dimension to your project.

small grass rolls on cardboard core

Grass for Restaurants and Bars

We have plenty of artificial grasses which are ideal for restaurants and bars. Our medium length pile grasses as they have some depth but will not pose a trip hazard to your customers. We also have our fire safe Fire-R grass which will keep your customers and staff safe. This grass has the highest rated fire safety certification. You can also avail of all documentation on request.

You can even get creative and add some of our coloured artificial grass to your outdoor area. This grass will brighten up any commercial space. Another great idea is to install artificial grass on a wall and add a neon sign. This makes for a great photo opportunity for guests!