Artificial Grass

The perfect solution for indoor and outdoor play surfaces.

Fivestargrass play grass has many advantages over traditional playing ground materials such as sand, wood chips and rubber tiles.

Fivestargrass will not become dirty with animal droppings and won’t be hard to clean like sand, it will not rot like wood chips and is not expensive as good rubber tiles.

Fivestargrass comes in an array of different colours; from your traditional green; to the more cheerful blue and yellow.

Emerald artificial grass is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor play surfaces.

  • Patented artificial play grass, which springs back to life like real grass, the technology used is patented, so it is exclusive to the royal grass brand.
  • This fake grass looks more real than the existing products on the market. 
  • The synthetic grass does not lose its colour and has a ten-year colour fastness guarantee.
  • Easy to clean and to maintain.
  • Ideal play surface, this is a lot softer than other grasses on the market, in our display showroom come down, take your shoes off and walk on it to see it for yourselves.

Trampoline and slide sets on artificial grass