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Artificial Grass for Graves: 

Managing a grave takes time, the setting must look as tidy as possible and tending to this can be difficult for some. If you would like a low maintenance grave, which looks perfectly manicured, artificial grass is a beautiful solution. At Artificial Grass Ireland, we understand the importance of good quality synthetic grass, which will last a long time, our artificial grasses are a great choice.

Not only do we use the thickest real looking grasses on the Irish market. Our grasses look very natural,and are hand picked by us to create a harmonious look with Ireland's green landscape.

Artificial grass is used to cover graves as a way of keeping them looking tidy and clean no matter what the current surface is. If you have the grave cemented, our grass can be glued or nailed directly to the surface. If you are laying it on a clay or soil surface, you will need to check out the laying instructions in our installation guide. If you don't think that you would be able to do the work yourself, we can also recommend landscapers who are affordable and professional and have worked with us in the past.

Artificial Grass for Graves

Why buy artificial grass for graves?

  • It's low maintenance, save money on expensive landscapers.
  • It is long lasting, most of our artificial grasses have a life expectancy of 20 - 25 before needing to be replaced. While plastic does not break down easily, all our grasses can be recycled.
  • Landscape quality covering which is perfect all year round.
  • We have the highest quality grasses on the Irish market, we only use the most realistic looking grasses, selected from hundreds.
  • We also cut grass to your needs, give us your dimensions, and we will do our best to fit your requirements.