Artificial Grass for Decking

I have heard it a million times before, "that decking is an eyesore, we can't let the kids play out on it, when its wet", yes but why have it there in the first place, ok you may have good reason, it is an elevated place in the garden, or the decking was really cheap, so cheap that it had to be bought. Yes, some people regret the decision for buying wooden decking, but we have an amazing solution, our artificial grass range are the perfect solution for giving more traction than a Hippo on ice skates, skating on hot chocolate.

Deck chairs on artificial grass

Main reasons for using our artificial grass on decking,

  1. Reduce the slip factor now!
  2. Cost effective solution, compared to removing it, or getting a new deck.
  3. Looks like real grass, our grass has the thickest densest feel for a great price.
  4. Save time on expensive decking maintenance, enjoy your garden more, in the summer months.

So now you have read the reasons, why not ask for some samples today, or call to our showroom to see our full range of artificial grasses.