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Conservatories, Greenhouses and Sheds:

I always remember my friends dad, Mr Ramsbottoms fake looking grass in his conservatory, Mr. Ramsbottoms philosophy was to get a low maintenance green look, his mentality was close enough was good enough, but 20 years ago, artificial grass, really did look artificial. It is equivalent to watching special effects from the 1950's today, you can tell the grass was fake, but I kept my mouth shut, and was mannerly of course.

Nowadays things are different, artificial grass sometimes can fool the eye, it sometimes even looks realer than the real thing itself, thanks to the advancement in technology and market research, artificial or fake grass is in a total different league today.

Conservatories, greenhouses and sheds can be places that people like to relax, read or just vegetate. Customers have bought grass to cover the flooring in these areas, making them a more comfortable welcoming, warmer and easier on the feet. It looks clean and fresh and adds a little more style to everything. The Lansdowne Grass would be suitable for this purpose.artificial lawn and balcony grass