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This is the grass calculator from ArtificialGrass.ie. You can use this to work out the price of replacing your old lawn with brand new, low maintenance artificial grass. Below is a list of our grasses divided by uses so you can choose the correct grass for your needs. We've also included a calculator to convert feet to metres as all our grasses are measured in square metres. And then finally we have our grass quote calculator to give you an estimate on the price for the new grass.

Artificial Grass Price List

per m 2
per m 2

Convert Feet to Metres:

If you have your garden measured in metres you can skip this step, but if you need to convert feet to metres you can use our handy converter here


Metres: {{metres / 3.28 | number : 3}}

Select the width and length of your garden in metres:

Width (metres): Length (metres):

Square Metres: {{length * width}}

Select a grass:

You selected: {{selectedGrass.brand}}

You can use the price list above to go to the page of your chosen grass

Total Price of Grass: €{{length * width * selectedGrass.price | number : 2}}

Please note: The above quote is approximate, the above quote does not calculate wastage or roll width needed for your project*.

*For example our rolls come in 4 metre wide and 2 metre wide cut to a length no longer than 25m, for an accurate quote, please contact us with more details and we would be happy to help or arrange a landscaper visit.

Prices are subject to change. This quote is an estimate only and is not a binding agreement.