Artificial Grass Adhesive Glue Bucket (4 kg)

This glue is specially formulated for use with artificial grass. This glue can be used to fix artificial grass to any solid surface which has been cleared of dust and dirt. We recommend that you spread this glue using a serrated spreader or scraper.

This glue will cover around 5 square metres when laid with full coverage on to concrete etc. It will cover around 15 square metres with a spotted application.

For use with joining tape, you will be able to cover 50 - 60 linear metres per buckets with careful application.

Colour: Green
Waiting Time: None
Consistency: Paste
Working Time: 30 - 45 mins Density: 1.5g/ml Full Cure: After 24 Hours Full Coverage Yield: 800 - 1200 gr/m² Spot Coverage Yield: 270 - 350 gr/m² Temperature Resistance: -30° to + 80°C