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We are the leading supplier of artificial and synthetic grass in Ireland. Our grasses are versatile enough to be used in gardens, business, sport and many other areas some of which you can see below.

Public Landscaping

Artificial grass is a great option when it comes to putting some green in those hard to maintain areas. Car park landscaping, roadside grass verges and shopfronts can be improved with the addition of artificial grass to give a year round green to your shared public spaces.

Grass recommendations: For public landscaping, we recommend using our longer pile grasses as they will have the best visual impression from a distance.

Grasses such as: Kinsale, Lansdowne, Boyne

Recommended for Public Landscaping



Artificial grass is increasingly being used as an easy maintenance and durable cover for graves. Perfect for setting up pots and wreaths it can be combined with coloured stones to create beautiful memorials.

Grass recommendations: For graves, we recommend using a short to medium pile, as longer pile grasses can make it difficult to stand pots or planters, and shorter grasses are easier to maintain and sweep clear of stones and pebbles.

Grasses such as: Connaught, Galway, Ireland, Kinsale

Recommended for Graves

Not sure which grass is for you?

Our staff have chosen these artificial grasses as the best for many uses and situations but if you want to speak to a member of staff to discuss your needs please call us on +353 1 801 8000 and we'll be happy to help.

Residential Grasses