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Artificial Golf Grass

Ever admired the neatness and colour of a golf course? Well, now you can have the same effect at home. With flawless surface and colouring., Artificial Putting Green Grass can give you the same look with a lot less maintenance and expense.

With perfect drainage from perforated holes, and UV protection so it won’t lose colour; it will always look great!

Each strand of grass has been made to such a high standard that it will withstand tough wear-and-tear from regular usage, and maintain the same great look.

It’s perfect for both commercial and residential use.

The advantages of owning Artificial Putting Green Grass are endless…

  • No more spraying 
  • No more mowing, 
  • Less vermin in your garden
  • No more fertilising or reseeding
  • Ideal for people with grass allergies
  • Colour and luster remain
  • Minimum maintenance

Our artificial grass is made from a mixture of plastic granules and additives, such as UV stabilisers and colour agents. The backing is made of polypropylene, which can be reinforced with weft threads or adding extra layers. A good backing is important for stability, and to achieve a longer life. It can withstand most weather conditions including, rain, heat and frost.

If you have laid the grass down in the right way in accordance with our easy-to-understand instructions can last for up to 15 years. They also come with a 10-year colour fast guarantee.

Be the envy of your neighbours and friends with year-round perfect lawn!




Are you a groundskeeper in a golf club or a golf club manager in Ireland?

Looking for premium putting green grass?

Artificial Grass Ireland have a new putting green grass on the market, which is perfect for practicing on, we have even installed a small putting green at our office in Kilquade, near Dublin.

Artificial Putting greens are a terrific time saver, no more watering or cutting those hard to maintain putting greens,our putting green grass is made from a high grade artificial thread.

We have a number of artificial golf grasses including, fringe, fairway, rough and putting green grass.

We also stock putting green accessories.

Save time and money and get your artificial putting green today!