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Premium Putting Green Grass

Have you ever stood back and looked at a golf green, it is a sight to behold as everything is so perfect and it is just calling you to play that game of golf that you have looked forward to all week. It is a flawless surface and Artificial Putting Green Grass can give you this look with a lot less maintenance and expense.

The grass will always be smooth, it has perfect drainage with its perforated holes and it will not lose colour as it is UV protected. This grass has been made to a very high standard each strand specially made to the highest quality and for lasting durability. This grass can withstand more use than natural grass and can, therefore, be used much more frequently. This grass is perfect for commercial uses or residential uses and we have sold a huge amount of it over the years to know that our customers are extremely pleased with the results they receive after laying this grass. The advantages are endless- no more spraying, no more mowing, far fewer vermin, no more fertilising or reseeding, ideal for people with grass allergies, colour and luster remain, minimum maintenance and children and dogs leave most of the dirt outside.

Putting Green Grass

Artificial grass is based on a mixture of plastic granules and additives like UV stabilisers and colouring agents. This mixture is heated and pressed through an extruder head under pressure. This process results in the creation of individual synthetic fibres. The shape of the fibres is determined by the extruder head. The backing consists of woven fabric, usually made of polypropylene. This material can be reinforced with weft threads or by adding extra layers. A good backing is important for the stability of the artificial grass. The backing must be resilient to various weather conditions, including rain, heat and frost. If the right backing is used, the artificial grass will last longer. Some people use a weed barrier underneath the backing to stop weeds growing up through the grass.

It is very important to look after your grass once you have laid it properly, keep it clean by removing any leaves, weeds and other debris immediately. Brush your fibres if they lay flat after use, blow leaves away with a vacuum cleaner blower and never use chlorine or disinfectants on the grass as you will discolour the fibres. 

This grass is also dog and cat-friendly and can be easily cleaned with your water hose once you have picked up your pets faeces. It has a 15-year guarantee, but this only applies if you have laid the grass in the right way. We have instructions on how to lay the grass which are clear and precise. 

Make your home a clean and happy one with this wonderful quality product and be the envy of your neighbours and friends. Bond with your children after work with a lovely green putting green or simple crack open the bottle of wine, sit and relax surrounded by elegance and beauty.

Artificial grass for golf:

  • Can be used indoor, outdoor.
  • Used in putting greens as well as entire golf courses.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Waterless golf grass.
  • Synthetic greens made to look like real golf course grass.
  • Bounce advantages compared.
  • Artificial turf can also be used for teeing of area.

Our golf grass has a 10 year colour fast guarantee, we are happy to show the advantages compared to the other artificial grasses on the market, our artificial golf green grass will give you peace of mind and a better return on investment for many reasons, call our sales team on 012878404  to find out why!

 Putting Green Grass Sale

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