Children running and playing outside

Kids love playing outside no matter if it's rainy or sunny. But this can often mean terrible things for your well-kept lawn and even fear over your child’s safety.

But putting down some artificial grass in the areas where your children play can go a long way to making your life a lot easier.

Here are some reasons why artificial grass is an excellent option for your kid’s garden play area:

It’s safe for your kids to play on

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to your children, so there’s no reason their garden play area should be any different. You don’t want to worry about kids slipping and falling on muddy grass or banging their heads on the hard ground.

With artificial grass, there’s less of this worry. The in-built drainage holes let the rain drain through and allow your grass to dry quickly, meaning no wet, muddy patches for your kids to slip on.

You can also add a shock pad underlay to your synthetic lawn for an extra cushioned layer. These foam pads are designed with safety in mind so that if your child does trip or fall, they have an added layer of protection.

Artificial grass has a long life with low maintenance

Are you sick of spending your hard-earned weekend mornings mowing and weeding your garden, only to have to do it all again the next week, and the week after?

Well then look no further than artificial grass. There’s no mowing, weeding or watering involved, leaving your Saturdays free to relax while the kids play outside. And because it’s strong and durable, you get years of use (and relaxation) out of it.

The long life of synthetic grass is made even longer with shock pads as they protect the turf from flattening and the backing from compacting.

As a bonus, not only are you saving on mowing and weeding, but your weekend won’t be spent washing mucky clothes or scrubbing footprints off your floor as there’s no more wet mud to attach itself to your kid’s clothes.

Baby playing safely on a grass

It’s eco-friendly

We should all be doing our part to help the environment, and investing in synthetic grass is a great place to start. There’s no need for pesticides or weed killers which can be harmful, and you save on resources by not having to water your garden.

The shock pads are also made from 100% recycled material and are recyclable when they come to the end of their life, so you don’t need to worry about what you’re leaving in landfills.

Your garden stays natural-looking no matter how often your kids play

Natural grass suffers a lot of wear and tear over time. Kids playing football can kick a chunk out of your lawn or leave skid marks in your grass, and swing sets or trampolines leave indentations that you can never get rid of.

But with artificial grass, these issues don’t come up. You don’t have to deal with muddy boot-prints or chunks missing from your garden. Synthetic grass stays natural-looking with a springy texture no matter the amount of play.

Boys playing football on an artificial grass

Your kids can play all year round despite the weather

What’s the one thing worse than spending your weekends mowing the lawn? Spending a wet weekend trying to entertain the house-bound kids who just want to play outside.

With a synthetic lawn, there's no risk of cabin fever on a rainy day. The kids can still play outside without fear of slipping or falling and bringing mucky shoes back in with them when they're done.

Artificial grass is an ideal solution for a kid’s play area in the garden, whether you have football-mad little ones who love kicking a ball, or swing sets that leave marks and notches in your beloved lawn.

You can order a free sample from our website, or come to our showroom and see what options we have available to suit you and our kid’s needs.