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Reopening of Hospitality Sector in Ireland

The reopening of the hospitality industry has brought a much-needed sigh of relief for many businesses across the country. Restaurants and coffee shops have been open for outdoor dining since the beginning of June and many of which may have never served food outdoors! If your business has never had an outdoor dining area or if you are looking to revamp your outdoor space then artificial grass may be the solution.

artificial grass in dublin restaurant

The Kanoodle Restaurant in Dublin upgraded to a beautiful artificial grass

Artificial Grass for Commercial Use

Artificial grass creates a beautiful scene in the outdoor area of any business. It has a number of uses, perfect for bars and restaurants, interior showrooms, outdoor dining areas and offices. It is a soft surface which is ideal for placing outdoor chairs and tables on and will also prevent furniture from being scratched by the pavement. The grass will never turn mucky in the rain like real grass. It can also add a touch of colour and life into a dull exterior.

Fire-R Grass

It is essential for businesses to comply with fire safety regulations including the use of fire safe artificial grass. Our Fire-R grass is of the highest fire safety certification and we are currently the only stockists of this artificial grass in Ireland. This type of artificial grass is essential for keeping your customers and staff safe. Our fully fire certified artificial grass doesn’t lose its realistic grass properties. This lush grass is highly durable, weather resistant, and UV protected. The rich green colour mixed with brown twig blades and 20mm pile height make this grass look unbelievably real.

Our Fire-R Grass is suitable for use in many commercial environments such as interior use of factories and offices

Fire Safety Regulations

Our European made Fire-R grass is specially sourced due to demand of a higher requirement for Fire Certification of artificial surfaces for use indoors, outdoors, and in commercial environments. Our Fire-R artificial grass is fire tested to a BFL-S1 Certification with the IFTH, a European testing agency. The certificate is available on request from us and can either be displayed in your business or presented during a fire safety check.

Get in Touch

We would be happy to help with and queries about our Fire-R grass and can recommend the best solutions for your business. Get in touch with our commercial department through their email [email protected]

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