Coloured artificial grass is the perfect answer to cheering up your outdoor space or decking. Or for giving your children’s outdoor play area a bit of a makeover.

It is low maintenance, no mowing or watering and it is extremely clean as it doesn’t hold water or get muddy. And with coloured artificial grass you also have a beautiful splash of colour to express you personality, making your outdoor area more fun.

coloured grass

Our coloured artificial grass is a beautiful high quality product in a 20mm pile and available in Black, Blue, Lime and Red. You can either choose one colour or if you’re feeling creative you can choose a combination of colours and create your own design.

Coloured artificial grass is very popular for decking areas as it’s the perfect solution for non-slip decking which doesn’t need to be power hosed. It will look colourful and bright for years to come with little or no maintenance.

It is also very popular for children’s outdoor play areas, it is nice and soft for them to play on, it doesn’t hold water and is never muddy and of course children love the bright colours!

The grass is extremely straight forward to install using a qualified landscaper, we have a list that you can choose from. One thing to note is that the coloured artificial grass is only available in 2 meter wide rolls so you will need to bare this in mind when measuring but your landscaper will help with that. Our coloured artificial grass comes with an 8 year warranty, however we find if you look after it, it lasts much longer.

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