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Artificial Grass for Offices:

Get back to nature in your office, instead of using a dark grey carpet, you can now have a fantastic garden green inside your office building!

Great reasons to get artificial grass in your office!

  1. It creates an outdoor natural look, which also adds a back to nature fun hunters vibe, so your staff can imagine themselves out in the wild hunting for some customers.
  2. Creates a relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Brilliant for certain business categories, which creates a strong eco green for your office.
  4. Corporate events and just to be a little different, artificial grass is being used as a carpet in offices. It is effectively a carpet of grass and was initially designed for indoor use, so it is not surprising that business opt to use it, in this stylish manner. It does look wonderful in an office setting, with plants and flowers sporadically set around the room. Sports businesses, like to have it in their reception areas, bringing the outdoor inside look. The Lansdowne Grass is an ideal grass for this, as it has a flat surface that can be covered, it is a wonderful shade of green and will wipe clean very easily.