Pro Grass - Artificial Putting Green

Premium European Golfing Putting Green Grass

This grass reflects everything good about synthetic grass, it will be a great asset to your home, and if you are selling your home in the future, it can only add to the price. It is a great way to bond with your family and improve your golf swing.

  • Pet friendly
  • Children friendly
  • UV protected
  • 8 year guarantee
  • Water resistant
  • 12mm in depth

Prograss Putting Green

  • Pile length: Approx. 15mm (±10%)
  • Total height: 12mm
  • Pile weight: 1255 gr/m² (±10%)
  • Total weight: 2505 gr/m² (±10%)
  • Fibre: 100% polyamide (nylon) micro curled, special 12 ply


Yarn detex 7200 Dtex/12 ply
Primary backing 100% PP double layer with fibre-lock fleece
 Coating  SBR latex; approx 990 gr/m²
 Water permeability  Approx. 60 litre/m²
 Tuft gauge  3/16' gauge
 Stitches per m¹  220
 Stitches per m²  46200
 Roll width  4 metres only
 Roll length Target length approx. 25 linear metres