Aqua Bond Artificial Grass Glue Cartridge

310ml Glue for Artificial Grass Cartridge for Silicone Gun.


Our Glue for Joining is a single component MS hybrid polymer technology based product. This glue is chemically neutral and free of silicones, solvents, halogens and Isocyanates. Isocyanates are the hazardous part of the two-component system and are pretty nasty chemicals. Our glue is UV-resistant and remains permanently elastic. It is fungicidal (meaning it will not grow mould), non-ageing, weather and water resistant and is also paint-compatible.

This glue is especially formulated for use with artificial grass. It has been dyed green in colour in order to blend in with the grasses, should any remain showing after your grass has been joined.

Our glue is a very high strength adhesive. It may be used on damp surfaces. It can be used on wood, concrete, stone and brickwork, metals and plastics, artificial grass, ceramics, felt, most common roofing and building materials. It can also be used on most natural stone.

This glue has excellent resistant properties to for examples acids, alkalis, petrol, oils etc. Universally this is an excellent all round product.

You will need a silicone gun to use this product